Where go in Ibiza

When i plan my holidays i always have the same question:

where should I go and what should I see ‘but above all how do I organize myself?

Many times i rent a car but is not enough…i need to do more things…

what is the best place to go?

First of all I start to do research on the spot, and in this case I document myself on the island, then I look for the most beautiful places to visit, the beaches, the villages, the restaurants and the cultural attractions.

I also look for local agencies that organize tours, because surely they know more than me and can offer me different proposals to choose for me and my family. Ibiza private tour is your best reference to get to know Ibiza with completely different eyes, this is the intent. The eyes of those who have lived there for 40 years, of those who know every hidden corner, every curiosity, every restaurant, best places go in Ibiza, and every sunset …

Sa Caleta Ibiza

vista desde mar

I love sa caleta, for me it is one of the most characteristic and particular beaches of Ibiza, I don’t think they are in the Mediterranean of beaches like Sa Caleta. To get there you have to take the road that from the airport, south of the island, goes towards cala jondal, at a certain point you turn left into a dirt road that is quite irregular, perfect to do in 4×4! funny! When you arrive you can just see the sea because the beauty is just the rock wall that surrounds and protects the beach, red and crumbly rock that is used to make fancy muds all over your body!    It is a sort of outdoor natural spa and when the mud has dried on the body you throw yourself in the crystal clear sea to rinse yourself … the skin remains wonderfully smooth and soft, a real lust! I heartily recommend it!

It is not a very publicized beach because it is not very large, so not very touristy, in fact those who frequent it most are the inhabitants and the people who have holiday homes.          I particularly love going there in the months of May, June and September, when it is not very crowded and you can really relax …. The atmosphere is magical and you feel almost in another world, protected from the wind and chaos.

The beach is sandy and some pebbles, in the bottom there are rocks and sand and gently descends, ideal for those who want to swim and snorkel, as a mother I do not recommend it too much who goes with small children, even if there are small feasible areas also for them.Sa Caleta beach Ibiza

Before going down to the beach there is a typical restaurant and a stall of handmade products, all very simple. The beauty is that if you want to take a walk, continuing to the left of the restaurant, there is a small road that takes you to a pine forest that leads to a truly spectacular panorama,  walk is accessible to all,  …. but I won’t tell you more! You can discover it with Ibiza Private Tour!  Write us to organize your tour at : contact@ibizaprivatetour.com

if you know Sa Caleta, you are welcome to live a comment below 😉

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2 Comments to Where go in Ibiza

  1. Dr. SD says:

    I am a travel lover and your post about Ibiza attracted me very well. I love offbeat destination and this place looks pretty offbeat.

    Though you didn’t mention the country, I just put a search in Google… Oh, great! Ibiza is in Spain. Am I right?

    So far I didn’t visit Spain, but in the recent future I am planning for another Europe trip including Spain, this article will be very helpful to make the places to list.

    • thank you for your feedback and yes! Ibiza it’s in Europe, Spain country, more specific in the mediterranean sea in front of Barcelona, make part of balearic islands and one of the most beautyful and popular island. let me know if you need help for your future trip! by by Lydia

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