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Private tour of Ibiza!

the best way to visit Ibiza and enjoy your day trip!

My story

Private tour of Ibiza. (from 2015)

My experience in the tourism sector dates back to many years ago when, after traveling around the world, I arrived in Ibiza. It was 1978, just after “hippy time!” I fell in love with a beautiful Spanish woman and also the island, so I decided to live in Spain.
In Ibiza I graduated from the University of the Balearic Islands in tourism and for 41 years I have worked in the sector, moving from hotels to tourist complexes and always in the entertainment sector, with passion and fun.

My vast experience with different types of people and my speaking in 6 languages made me very versatile and sensitive to the needs of each of you.

My job is your fun

I have a mission! my peculiarity is to entertain while learning and getting to know each other.

I am on vacation and the only thing that interests me is that you pass unique and unforgettable moments, that you bring this beautiful experience into your heart and communicate it to all your relatives and friends.

Ibiza is a wonderful island and not only for the discos and bars but for the nature and the sea, the numerous coves all different from one another, the expanses of cherry and almond trees in bloom, the ancient churches and the rural farms of the past .

Knowing Ibiza through the eyes of those who live and chose it as a home over 35 years ago is the unique and exclusive way to fill an experience to live with joy and wisdom!

Your needs before everything

Active tourism based on the most beautiful charm of the island, nature, flora, fauna, stories and peculiarities of Ibiza everything you want is feasible, the excursions can be modeled according to your needs and times.

Ideal for small monolingual groups from 4 to 20 people. Eat typical food in historic restaurants hidden in some remote corner that no tourist could find on their own … you will see the island from above passing by the villages perched on the hills and towards taking pictures USB stick that you can use.

All the best and I hope that you see it soon


 Ibiza Private Tour

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